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ATTN: Small Business Owners (Men & Women)

Winning Strategies For Government Contracting!

Stop Stepping Over The Dollars To Get To The Dimes!

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Is Your Business Ready for Government Contracting?

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You Can Be Your Own Lead Generator!

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How You Can Be a Lead Generator to Getting High Paying Clients for Your Government Contracting Business!

how You Should Be selling To the Government!

Learn to Build Your Infrastructure So that You Can Win Contracts That Will Turn Your Business Into A 6 & 7+ Figure and more!

Grow Your Business Like an Award-Winning Government Contractor!


Here's Why As A Small Business Your Opportunity Is Now!

Reason #1

The U.S. federal government reserves 23% of its annual spending on contracts for small businesses You!

  • Reason #2

    There are several opportunities reserved for specific-types of small business which includes women-owned and service disabled veterans.

  • Reason #3

    Narrow your focus. What is your one main product or service that you want to sell to the government? Which agency are you looking to sell to?

  • Are You Ready To Take Action?

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     Ready To Grow Your Government Contracting Business And Learn How To Win Your Piece Of The Trillions Of Dollars Spent Every Year With Small Businesses?

    Are You Ready to Win Contracts or More Contracts?             

      Doing Business With the Government, Can Win You

    Consistent Monthly Income!


                 You will be able to Grow and Scale Your Business Without Having To Chase Customers! (that is Huge)


                 My Government Launch Pad Program™

     will help all types of professional service based and product based business owners land short or long term contracts for their business and provide Step by Step Training that will be the keys to success.


     Doesn’t matter if you have a service or product, the government is buying what you are selling.

    Let's be clear anyone can do business with the government as long as you have the product or service that the government needs and you have the infrastructure in place to be "Government Ready". You just have to know the steps to take.

    My Masterclass Program: Government Launch Pad Program™

     is the Blueprint to providing you the tools you need to make that happen.

    So Ditch The Confusion and Start Winning The Contracts You Deserve!

    By Enrolling into the Government Launch Pad Program™ will get you Government Ready.

    Full Stop.

    Accepting New Clients with Limited Space Availability

    Schedule Your Free Strategy Call!

    Announcing The Government Launch Pad Program™

    Positioning Your Business For Government/Corporate Contracts

    Discover Your PROFITABLE Niche and Attract Your High Paying Clients With Your Certifications!

    Preparing Your Business For Goverment Sales

    Package Your Expertise So that You Can Bill Every Month For The Duration of the Contract


    Market Your Business For Government Contracting

    Market Your Business to Government and Corporate for Prime Contracts or Subcontracts HERE.

    Meet Your Chief Business Strategist and Some of Her Clients

    Pam Knight, Chief Government Strategist and Business Consultant

    Pam Knight is President of Client Business Services & Assoc. – A woman-owned staffing & Consulting company. She has helped small business, coaches; professionals transform their careers, start their businesses and transform their lives. As a Business Executive, she is passionate about helping people create systems and cut their learning curve for attracting new clients in half.


     Her mission has been to help 1,000 small business owners to be "Government Ready".  Pam started her career in the federal government in HR and then left the government to pursue a career in the private sector. After a few years in the private sector, Pam decided to start her own consulting business. 


    Pam has a proven track record of winning government contracts from top government agencies including Department of Defense, EPA, Depart of Interior, Maryland State Highway Admin and Northrop Grumman to name a few. She has placed over 300 employees and counting into rewarding careers and a variety of industries across the Maryland, DC & Virginia. 


    As a speaker, coach, and trainer, Pam continues to help change people lives and find rewarding careers for people who may not otherwise find employment.


    Pam, a Washington DC native, received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from American University and currently lives in Maryland.

    Are You Next To Be Awarded Short or Long Term Contracts?

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    What people are saying about the GovLaunchPad Program

    I didn't expect my business to grow so great.

    You are the right place for businesspeople like Me. We won an IFB for $150,000 providing Leadership Training

    Coaching Client

    Before I joined you, I felt very hopeless. But now,

     My business has become quite extraordinary. We won an IFB for $200,000 for providing Technical Support. Love You!

    Coaching Client

    Working with you was a very valuable experience as long as I do business. You are the best. We won a

    $100,000 Simplified Acquisition providing Computer Services

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